Nokia 6303 Classic Review

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  • August 21, 2011 at 6:21 pm , Jenaya

    The loud speaker is not at all loud, and I always miss few calls daily, despite using the highest volume settings. Waking up with the alarm on this phone is possible only if u had enough sleep already. I spend over 2000 minutes per month on the mobile and if you need a small, reliable phone with good reception and battery life that works well with voice dialing and Bluetooth headset connectivity then it’s hard to beat. Especially the bottom 3 keys are problematic. The upper 3 keys (1,2,3) are also not well placed for typing, because they are on the slope. Anyway I can tolerate this, due to the beautiful shape of the phone. As a backup I have two as they are cheap new off EBay and two spare batteries with me not normally needed as lasts me 2-3 days of heavy use.

  • August 22, 2011 at 3:46 pm , Mircea

    I also have Galaxy S which I use for Skype calls when abroad or conference calls but it wouldn’t last me a day of normal use without a recharge. If you priority is to have a phone that you can talk to someone then it’s hard to beat at this price. Bought the phone about 9 months ago and liked it a lot keypad a little miniscule for my aging eyes, but apart from that). 2 months ago, it got lost + stayed lost until 3 weeks ago when it was returned to me. Since then, the battery has gone crazy: runs out after full charge within 48 hours, on light or moderate use. I don’t know if something happened while it was out of my possession – but that’s my experience. I have this mobile for last two weeks, and I would like to comment on the things, which I could not find in the reviews before purchasing this one: Battery timings: Its giving me 3 days on average with modest use. Talking of 5 to 7 days is not true. The display is very superior. I liked this most in this phone. It is very good even in the sunlight. Keypad is not the strongest point of this phone, unlike someone mentioned this in the review. It’s very difficult to use the keypad with one hand, due to the position of the keypad too low in the phone.

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